Romney Video Exposes More Finance Collusion

In case you haven’t seen, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney likes to have big fancy dinners, reportedly bringing in $40,000 a head. In these private good-ole-boys club meetings, he likes to show his true form. Many secret videos of him are taken. Check them out if you haven’t seen them here.

What has now come to light is the identity of who owns the estate this party is held at. A gentleman by the name of Marc Leder. Marc has been a long time friend of Mitt. But here’s some more interesting facts.

Looking back at the analysis I did, we’re able to see Marc’s name actually show up as someone who gave $225,000 to Romney’s main SuperPAC (who’s run by former Romney aides).

Not that I think they’re any good in the first place, but aren’t SuperPAC’s suppose to run independent of Presidential Campaigns?

My two cents on this matter.