Building A New Security Team!

For my friends who don’t know, I joined Scale almost 1 year ago as their Head of Security. This has been one of the coolest companies I’ve ever worked for and I’m stoked at the growth and opportunity that awaits Scale.

I’m excited to announce that we’ve started building out our Security Operations team at Scale AI. Blue Team is some of the most amazing work you can do in security, and the impact you can have is incredibly rewarding.

I’m looking for a passionate Security Engineer who’s ready to come in and hit the ground running. This is an opportunity to greenfield a Security Operations team – from tooling to process – at one of the world’s fastest growing start ups. This is a unique time to join Scale – while the company has established itself as a world leader in accelerating AI development, there’s so much impact you can make in this role.

Having been a Security engineer for a long time, I truly understand the hiring market. Companies are banging down your door to talk to hire you. Beyond compensation and perks and all the standard levers companies will offer you, what I’m selling is different:

1. A chance to truly green field a Security Operations team. Not “maintain the status quo” or “fix a mountain of tech debt”. Actual problem solving, planning, and execution.

2. A unique environment. Companies like Scale that are growing fast present unique challenges that you won’t see at any other company. The speed of growth and and ability to engineer solutions that stand up to the rigor of the business allow creative Security Engineers to thrive and never get bored.

3. A chance to work with an incredible team of smart people. AI and ML is a highly technical arena and the Engineers at Scale are some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with. The problems they’re solving are unique and are as “cutting edge” in technology as it gets today. Our customers span multiple industries – from Autonomous Vehicles, to Big Tech and Start Ups, to the US Government. AI is changing the world and Scale might be ground zero to see all of this happening.

Here is the link to the job description and open req. Feel free to apply or message me if you want to talk more about the position.

And any friends out there who’d be willing to re-share this post to their networks, I’d be super grateful!

More to come!

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